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Another Symbolics keyboard adapter

May 24, 2009

Hans Hübner has been at it again, and has developed code to allow a Teensy AVR development board to adapt a Symbolics keyboard to USB.

I ordered a Teensy board of my own, and was hoping to develop a small adapter to avoid cutting up my keyboard cable, but Teensy does not work with my old Mac OS X 10.4 system.


News on Symbolics keyboard adapters

June 9, 2008

I wanted to post a link referring to recent progress on adapting Symbolics keyboards to modern PCs. Hans Hübner announced that the kbdbabel project (apparently based on 8051 microcontrollers) was able to be adapted to support the slim-line (Rev. C) Symbolics keyboard, adapting it to PS/2 protocol.

My own work in this area ground to a halt pretty soon after I received the ADB adapter from DKS. I’m happy to see that others have been able to make progress!

UPDATE: Rainer Joswig has commented on his experience using the kbdbabel adapter to connect a Symbolics keyboard to a Macbook running Mac OS X.

UPDATE 2: Hans has developed a USB adapter solution.