Moving to…

Well, I’m trying out, mainly because the database fee on, while quite reasonable, is a substantial fraction of the cost of hosting my WordPress-based blog. (If I find a blogging system—or roll my own—which does not require a MySql process, but can run with Sqlite or a similar library, I’ll probably switch to that, and keep NFSN as my main site.).

Secondarily, I hope will keep me from having to worry about WordPress releases. I’m not sure what I will lose in the process, but this is the easiest way to find out. I’m assuming it will include

  1. Losing Google Adsense (not that I was making anything)
  2. Losing the ability to embed a site-metering plugin, to see where my clicks are coming from (but we’ll see what tracking tools provides)
  3. Limit my ability to hack WordPress (which was not very high on my list, except to get Lisp code to look nice) and use funky plug-ins
  4. 50 MB storage limit

Note that I apparently had to upgrade to WordPress 2.1 on the original site in order to get the Export functionality that let me make the move. (I had to guess…the documentation on touts the ease of migration, but isn’t clear on this point.)

UPDATE: I just turned on re-direct for the original, so my traffic, such as it is, should all be coming here. I actually am liking the Blog Stats that is able to provide. I’m assuming it is getting as much data as was able to provide, and the blog stats summary gives me a quicker impression as to what search terms are leading to the site.

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