Dell 2007FP and xorg.conf

In order to better serve those folks Googling “2007FP xorg.conf”, I’ve included an annotated xorg.conf file that seems to work well for me and my Dell 2007FP monitor. I hope it helps you. (It is, naturally, provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, etc., etc., because it could very well damage your hardware, although nowadays monitors are much more forgiving than they once were.)

(It seems from my site logs that my venting about my adventures with Linux, xorg.conf, and the 2007FP is one of the more popular Google hits for my site now, just one day after it was posted.)


One Response to “Dell 2007FP and xorg.conf”

  1. jkayser Says:

    Thank you for posting your “xorg.conf” file. Windows clearly has Linux beat when it comes to hooking up new display hardware. Don’t get me wrong; I have worked on UNIX machines for 25 years, and I really love UNIX. However, hooking up the 2007FP to CentOS was a real struggle. Hooking it up to Windows Server 2003 was trivial — load the 2007FP drivers (which were shipped with the monitor) and run.

    I tried using your “xorg.conf” file, and discovered that some of the settings depended on the video card. I have a different video card (ATI Mach64 3D Rage IIC) with 4MB of video RAM. Since I have less video RAM, the 1600×1200@60 mode would not work with 24-bit color, but only with 16-bit color. As a result, I had to tweak both the DEVICE section and the SCREEN section as well.

    If any of your other readers want to try this, be forwarned that you should probably figure out which resolutions and color depths your video card will support (I used Windows Server 2003 to figure this out), and then modify BOTH the DEVICE section (for your video card), and the SCREEN section (for which color depths and screen resolutions your video card will support).

    Thanks again for your initial post and “xorg.conf” file. It was a huge help!

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